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MasterPool is incredibly especially extremely easy to use.

Our masternodes are installed almost instantly! There are no programming skills or any technical knowledge required to set them up. You just login, click on the master node of your choice and watch your rewards come in!

Our Features

Brilliant Developers

Highly experienced developers from around the world

99.95% Uptime

Multiple providers and servicers means we can guarantee almost constant uptime

Cheap Month Cost

Undercutting the rest of the market with cheap and sometimes FREE hosting

Constant Updates

A full blown team releasing constant updates

Free Hosting Vouchers

Have a look around and you will easily find vouchers giving you free hosting

Simple Setup

One of the easiest masternode setup's online

Integration to new platforms

With our constant progression and updates we will integrate everything on our system

Full statistic set up

Offering a full set of statistics for our coins

and more...

With our pay-as-you-go plan we will charge for every hour your masternode is online.
Our team is here and ready to help and assist you with any problems you may experience.
You don't need to send us your masternode collateral. It will stay safe in your own wallet.

We're excited about MasterPool

Customers from all over the world installing their Masternodes - Join our masternode community!